Steroids Blog

2011 is fast approaching so I thought it a good time to start my new bodybuilding blog. My aim is to discourage the use of Buy steroids UK by my fellow British bodybuilders and this bodybuilding blog will serve as a focus point for me to do that. I should be getting some time off over Xmas which will give me a chance to make this blog look pretty and check out another interesting site I found Buy steroids UK looks very slick design wise.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again soon and of course don't forget to say no to steroids UK as they are very dangerous. No matter what you may have heard from friends at the gym the use of anabolic steroids is not a good idea even if you see gains from steroids in the short term you are bound to regret your decision to start using them.

There's another great blog you can try by a guy called SoreButtCheeks you'll find it on google and also on the buy steroids forum. I'm sure you'll like them both as much as I do. Info on my favourite anabolic steroids uk Dianabol can be found on this great blog called the dianabol blog, bing it to find it.

My goodness we are already into 2012 and I have barely made any posts on here in the last few months. Perhaps my new years resolution should be to post more often on my two favourite subjects which are of course bodybuilding, muscles and steroids oops hang on that's actually three things :-)